I'm Siobhan. I write stuff. I write stuff about minerals. I write stuff about gas. I write stuff about babies. 

You might think they all don't go together, but they have to because that's the fabric of my life. 

I've travelled and worked around the world and I loved it. I love new experiences and new challenges and I also love getting the same thing right continuously.

As well as my professional experience, which has seen me staying in some of the so-called nicest parts of the world, I have also worked with communities who have very little in some of the poorest parts of the world. 

I write about things I know. I write about markets I understand and my motto has always been that I don't try to fake anything. If I don't understand something, I am not afraid to say so, I am also not afraid of having to read around it until I do.

I write about love. I write about being a mother and a wife and a worker and staying at home. I know about these things. I am honest about these things.