Speaking to the BBC about China's rare earths policy in 2014.

Speaking to the BBC about China's rare earths policy in 2014.

A trusted name

Siobhan has worked as a journalist for 13 years across print and broadcast media, having achieved her newspaper journalism qualification from the National Council for the Training of Journalists in 2004 .

She started her career on local newspapers, working first for the Croydon Guardian during her training and then going on to a paid position at the Surrey Comet and the Wandsworth Borough News for two years. As a senior reporter Siobhan interviewed and broke many exclusive stories which were later picked up by the national press.

In 2006 Siobhan returned to university to complete an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development at the Institute for Latin American Studies in London. While studying she worked part time at Latin News as a sub editor, overseeing the publication of several academic journals every week online and to Bloomberg.

Following her MSc and because of her growing interest in the commodity markets, Siobhan accepted a position as a market reporter with Argus Media Group. Here Siobhan covered the German, Dutch, Belgian and French OTC gas markets. 

Two years later, in 2009, Siobhan accepted a position as senior market reporter at ICIS Heren, where she covered the UK NBP market, as well as the French, Belgian, German and Dutch OTC gas market. 

In 2011 Siobhan went to work at Industrial Minerals as a pricing and online editor. In 2013 she became editor of the group. In 2016 Siobhan moved to a consultant editor role within the group, maintaining responsibility for the Industrial Minerals monthly magazine.

As a freelance journalist Siobhan has had articles published in oil and gas publications such as the Shale Gas Investment Guide, as well as in The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent. She has also worked at events as a freelance journalist, such as for the Public and Commercial Services Union.

Throughout her professional career Siobhan has been a spokesperson for commodity and minerals markets to the wider media. She has worked with a broadcast team and carried out interviews on camera and has spoken at many public events.